Oh You Beauty! Top 5 Goals of the Week 12/15

5. Wayne Rooney vs Liverpool

This is a tough one to write on. The defense is just really poor, as Coutinho should have covered Rooney and not allowed the shot. That shouldn’t take anything away from the shot itself, though, as Rooney hit it with pace and precision. He even sends Brad Jones the wrong direction. It was an ace hit, even though it kills me to say it.

4. Bernardo Silva vs Marseille

This goal is all about that dummy. A well orchestrated dummy is a thing of beauty and, man, that really was. The dummy completed fools Marseille’s defense and leaves Bernardo Silva with a wide open shot on net.

3. Hakan Calhanoglu vs Borussia Gladbach

I’m still not sure how this shot wasn’t blocked by a Borussia Gladbach defender. They were in the exact right place, had their feet out to block it. Somehow, Calhanoglu was able to glide through three defenders and crack a brilliant long shot past the goalie.

2. Olivier Giroud vs Newcastle

The only word for this goal is “cheekly”. It would have been so easy to mishit or underhit the shot when Giroud put the lightest of taps on the ball with the outside of his foot. This audacious shot took Newcastle’s teenage keeper by surprise, as you can clearly see in his panicked reaction. Definitely a funny little goal, that.

1. Radja Nainggolan vs Genoa

This goal by Nainggolan was just orgasmic. Can I say orgasmic? Well, we’ll find out. But it was. From the cross, to the hit, everything about this goal was special. It even had a bit of curve to it. I’d love to hear Ray Hudson’s react to that one. Classic. But seriously now, when the cross is coming in for Nainggolan, you can see there is only one thing on his mind. You can even see him tee up for the shot in the first angle. To side volley a shot like that out of the air, though, and to strike it so cleanly is something that very few players ever do and if they do it once, it’s a goal that they never forget.

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