Oh You Beauty!: Top Goals of the Midweek of 12/11

5. Davy Klaassen vs APOEL Nicosia

What else would you expect from an Ajax player? Total football is in their blood. Ricardo Kishna’s dribbling to set up this goal is simply magnificent and makes the APOEL Nicosia defenders look like fools.


4. Maurice Kuhn vs FC Iserlohn

Who said there weren’t any beautiful goals to be had in the lower leagues. This one comes courtesy of Germany’s 6th division. A goal reminiscent of the incredible Xabi Alonso 70 yard goal from a 2006.

3. Neymar vs PSG

A beautiful goal by Neymar. He is able to drift so easily into the middle of the field, against a great defense mind you, and, while under pressure from four defenders, crack a shot from outside the box past one of the best keepers in France. Says it all, really. Quality player with time on his side to become one of the best players in the world. I think at this point, it’s safe to say that much.


2. Samir Nasri vs Roma

Samir Nasri had the twin to Neymar’s goal the same day. Floating in from the same side, Nasri was pressured by five defenders here, not that measly four defender defense we saw with Neymar. When the ball careens off the post, there’s a split second of worry that it might not go in, but flies across the goal and into the net.


1. Steven Gerrard vs Basel

This is just a classic Steven Gerrard goal. It’s just Stevie G doing what Stevie G does. With the clock winding down, in the 88th minute, a man down in a must win game, who else would you want taking a free kick for you? Gerrard steps up and takes one of the best free kicks I’ve ever seen. No keeper in the world would have stopped that. This goal would inspire a defeated Liverpool side for the remained of the game, a game where they got agonizingly close several times to getting the winning goal they needed.

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