Oh You Beauty!: Top Goals of the Week of 12/8

5. Haris Seferovic vs Werder Bremen

First and foremost, credit to Haris Seferovic for puling his leg back when he saw the keeper coming in the claim the ball. Some people will say he should have gone for it anyway, but that would have been a cleat to rib cage collision, which nobody wants to see. From there, I love odd goals. Goals off the backside of a player that wasn’t paying attention, goals where the player trips and knocks the ball in, and my all time favorite, the Tottenham own goal against Liveprool where it gets slammed into Gareth Bale’s face. Seriously, look that one up. This is just one of those, it’s a fun goal that just fell to the right place and Seferovic did what he had to to put it in.


4. Andy Carroll vs Swansea

This is the kind of header that Kenny Dalglish paid 35 million pounds to get a few years ago. Carroll seems to be finding his stride with West Ham now, in a system that really plays to his strengths. Now, if he could only stay fit.


3. Ciaran Clark vs Leicester

A beautiful diving header that caught Kasper Schmeichel, Leicester’s keeper, off guard. I feel like Clark was caught by surprise too, since he had to throw his body at the ball to get there, instead of being in place to kick it. That doesn’t matter much, seeing as he put a beaut of a goal past a good keeper. The ball pops up perfectly off the top of his head and right into the net.


2. Victor Vasquez vs Zulte-Waregem

Didn’t we just talk about Victor Vasquez? I had to go back and doublecheck, but yeah he was on last weeks Oh You Beauty. Two beautiful goals in as many weeks? Somebody is gunning for James Rodriguez’s crown of most appearances on this list. This one is a magnificently arrogant outside of the foot chip that curls past the keeper like he wasn’t even there.


1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Nantes

“Zlatan does it again”. That’s the title that I found this goal under. It really says it all about the player that can score from anything. The big Swede hits a perfectly executed free kick into the side-netting. He makes it look so easy, and that’s what makes him “The Zlatan”.

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