Pele in “Special Care” After Urinary Tract Infection

Soccer legend, Pele, is currently in a “special care” unit after a urinary tract infection. The Albert Einstein Hospital in Brazil said that he is in a “stable” condition and is on antibiotics after a medical evaluation showed the infection. Two weeks ago, Pele underwent successful kidney stone surgery.

It was erroneously reported earlier that Pele had been transferred to an intensive care unit and implied that his condition was worse than what it actually was. The hospital, Pele’s spokesman and personal aide all said that he’s only being moved to a special unit and all will be fine. The reason for the move, as his personal aide puts it, “He was uncomfortable with so many people coming. It’ll be quieter now.”

While it’s just one word, there is a huge difference between intensive and special care. One, pretty much puts the man on death’s door and the other is far less serious and is just needing some more attention. It’s good to hear that Pele is feeling fine and hopefully he can get out of the hospital soon.


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