PIC: USL’s Austin Aztex stadium is “under water”

There has been flooding as well as tornado warnings all over Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas since this weekend leaving at least one person dead and many people displaced from their homes. Amid all of this, House Park, home of the Austin Aztex USL soccer team is flooded. The entire field is under water and water seems to be running up to the first steps of the bleachers.

Paul Dalglish, Aztex manager and son of Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish, tweeted a picture from a local news station chronicling the flooding. House Park is on the left of the pic. The stadium is pretty much flooded.

This is an aerial shot of the stadium from Dalglish’s Twitter account.

House Park was on TV because it was the scene of a rescue attempt as someone was left stranded near the stadium. Thankfully, rescue workers were able to save the person.

It’s unknown what is going to happen with the home of the Austin Aztex but that’s kind of secondary at this point. It’s more important for everyone to be safe, stay safe and not try to be a hero and venture out into the flooded areas if they aren’t in any danger.

(Weather Channel)

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