REPORT: Mix Diskerud’s Father Busted Via Loan Shark Scams

Vice Sports published a bombshell today that Mix Diskerud’s father, Paul, is being accused of loan sharking in Norway. According to Vice, “Diskerud is alleged to be one of Norways biggest loan sharks, accused of screwing people out of millions of dollars through illegal, unregulated loans that carry interest rates as high as 133 percent.”

Mix Diskerud has been in the news recently because he is likely to leave Europe and go to Mexico to play for Tijuana on a free transfer. He recently reportedly turned down another DP offer by MLS and MLS had tried to sign Diskerud twice before. On the second time, Mix was due to sign and play for Columbus Crew SC but his father demanded more money on the 11th hour and the deal didn’t go through.

While it looks like Paul is the only one being investigated, I have to imagine Mix is going to have to be investigated in one way or another. I’m not saying Mix is guilty or even has knowledge of what his father is accused of doing but Paul has access to lots of money, Paul has been vital to Mix’s career and Mix is a high profile player who has made some money. I’m sure he’s going to at least have to testify.

This is why I can’t blame pro athletes and actors if they leave their parents when they turn 18. We have all seen instances of parents of famous children doing things that isn’t in the best interest of their child. Whether that’s intentional or not intentional, some people need to figure out that being a parent doesn’t necessarily make them an agent or manager. While this doesn’t happen all the time, it does happen. Mix is 24 years old so he has had the ability to make his own decisions for a while. Mix chose to have his father negotiate for him and now this happens. I don’t know if Mix knew anything about this or not, but he’s now going to have to deal with it regardless.

(Vice Sports)

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