VIDEO: Luis Suarez misses from point blank range in Copa del Rey

Today marks the Quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey and as it usually is in Spain, it’s a three team race between Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. After eliminating Real Madrid in the Round of 16, Atletico Madrid was rewarded with facing Barcelona in the Quarterfinals. This clearly is very important to determine who the favorite will be to win the entire thing.

This makes this miss even more unfortunate. Luis Suarez has essentially been playing third fiddle behind Lionel Messi and Neymar and hasn’t had as much of a chance to make a name for himself since he left Liverpool.

Today, he had a chance to score a pretty good goal and…

To be fair to Suarez, it was a pretty tough volley and it took a bounce right as he kicked it, but to be that open from that close distance, gotta bury that in the back of the net. Especially in a game that is as important as this.

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