The Simpsons Premiered 25 Years Ago Today, Borussia Dortmund Was Perfect In Their Congratulations

One of the most influential series in TV history, The Simpsons, premiered their first half-hour episode on December 17, 1989. At 25 years, they are the longest running sitcom, animated sitcom and scripted primetime television series. Personally, I remember watching The Simpsons back then when I was a couple years old. It’s one of the first things I remember in my life and I have been a fan my entire life.

Borussia Dortmund congratulated The Simpsons in their very own way.

I guess the next time The Simpsons come to Germany, they’re welcome at the “Yellow Wall” any time.


I know this doesn’t fit into the article but I have to play this. A couple of my favorite moments in the show. I am SO an Ariaga II fan. And the game really does determine which nation is the greatest on earth, Mexico or Portugal.

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