VIDEO: Agent Posts Video Of His Player On MLS Facebook Page

I can’t tell if this is genius or insane, but it is most certainly a “bold move.” The post was taken down but someone was there fast enough to get a screenshot.

I mean, when it comes to marketing, you can’t get better than that. Herman Grana, a 29 year old right back on loan at BOCA Juniors, can’t say that his agent isn’t doing everything he can to get him publicity. I mean, we’re talking about him so he’s getting some publicity. It’s certainly “out of the box” thinking and that sometimes can get someone work in a competitive job market in any industry.

Here’s the video from the post:

Going from the video, he looks like he’s fast and is great on the ball. Like with any highlight video, I don’t like to get to excited over them because they only show the great things and those videos make everyone look like Pele but who knows, maybe an MLS team will take a chance on him.

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