VIDEO: Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer is BORED

If you have ever been a goalkeeper for a good team, you know that it’s a pretty boring feeling. I played goalkeeper a few times and when that happened, I was bored to death watching everything on the other side of the field. It was great for the team because it almost always meant a win, but you have a lot of time to daydream as a result.

Because of Bayern Munich’s dominance in just about anything they have been in this season, there hasn’t been much for goalkeeper Manuel Neuer to do. The Ballon d’Or finalist has not had many issues protecting Bayern Munich. In the rare time he’s been called upon, he can do it, but he doesn’t have the pressure to put in a heroic performance to get a win because the team is so good.

So when someone is bored, they like to spice things up by making things a bit more dangerous. We have seen this out of Neuer before but this happened again today. In a friendly against Al-Hilal today, Neuer came out of the goal, passed all the Bayern defenders and tried to defend.

It’s clear that Neuer is rather bored and tries these risks in order to make the game go by faster for him. In all honesty, it’s not the worst problem in the world. It’s also rather entertaining for us as fans seeing a goalkeeper sweep like this. All is well and good because when Neuer has taken these risks, he hasn’t been burned as a result. I wonder what Pep Guardiola’s reaction will be the first time that happens.

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