VIDEO: Brazilian player CLOTHESLINES referee in response to non call

With WrestleMania coming up this Sunday, it seems that people from outside the WWE are getting ready. Recently, a Brazilian player clotheslined a referee to respond to an apparent non PK call during a game. If you don’t know what a clothesline is, it is a move where one person extends their arm straight out and runs into the other person, hitting them usually in the neck with the outstretched arm. See the video for yourself.

Thanks to Google translate on the description of the video, the two teams are Jacuipense (in yellow) and Juazeirense (in red) and this was the Quarterfinals of the Bahia state tournament in Brazil. I don’t exactly know if the play in the box right before that was what caused the clothesline because the Jacuipense player looked like he was more in the wrong. Anyway, Madison Meidel was the one who attacked the referee and now faces a year suspension and a 60,000 Brazilian Real fine ($18,630 in US dollars) to be paid to the referee. Hmm, that’s an interesting concept. If you do something to someone else that prompts a fine, the other person gets that money. Either way, what a dangerous and horrible way to react to anything. I mean, we all get mad at a referee but that was obviously taking it too far.

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