VIDEO: Bundesliga player grabs game by horns by yanking horns of their goat mascot

Normally when someone in soccer is associated with a “goat” it usually means they’re “greatest of all time.” This, however, takes things into a more literal meaning.

In FC Koln’s 4-2 victory over Entracht Frankfurt, Anthony Ujah got a little too excited after scoring his goal and grabbed the goat by the horns so to say. He went over to their mascot, an actual goat named Hennes, and yanked on his horns so hard he lifted Hennes off the ground.

Ujah posted his apologies afterward by saying, “Apologies to Hennes for my hard celebration.”

Sporting director Jörg Schmadtke said that Hennes is doing alright saying, “Hennes is used to such stuff. He may have a bit of a sore neck.”


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