VIDEO: Falcao wins PK for Man United, ref sends off wrong player

As Radamel Falcao was about to be subbed off for Manchester United, he won a penalty after being taken down in the box. That was the right call, John O’Shea took Falcao down in the box and denied a goal scoring opportunity. Where referee Roger East got things wrong was that he sent off Wes Brown instead of O’Shea. Even after players tried to tell the ref he had the wrong player, East wouldn’t hear of it and Brown shook his head as he walked off the field. Afterward, Rooney converted and took the lead. Manchester United then went on to win against the ten man Sunderland.

This is the latest in some rather bonehead mistakes from EPL refs recently. Jose Mourinho has routinely said that refs are against Chelsea, but it seems as if it’s more of a competence issue than anything. A form of video replay can’t come soon enough.

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