VIDEO: FOX and The Simpsons team up with USWNT for World Cup

The jury is still out on how FOX covers soccer but there is no doubt FOX is trying to promote the Women’s World Cup to a widespread, mainstream audience. Today, FOX teamed up the US Women’s National Team with the legendary TV show The Simpsons. Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach and Christen Press posed with life size cutouts of themselves as Simpsons characters and The Simpsons will have a USWNT themed couch gag in the intro of this Sunday’s new episode. Here’s the preview:

This isn’t the first time The Simpsons have delved into the soccer world. One time, the Simpsons went to a game featuring Mexico and Portugal. To be honest, I’ve always been an Ariaga II guy.

We also found out Homer either loved Portugal or hated Mexico because Homer said that he would “kill himself if Portugal didn’t win.”

Last year, Homer became a world class referee and worked the 2014 World Cup Final between Germany and Brazil. During the episode, Germany won which is a pretty good prediction considering they had to make the show months in advance.

(FOX Soccer)

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