VIDEO: Glen Johnson Sacrifices Himself For Liverpool Win, Receives Staples In Head

Liverpool has had a lack of urgency in the past few weeks. It seemed as if they have been in neutral and the performance and results have showed. In the 2nd half, the gloves came off and Liverpool and Stoke both played as if they had nothing to lose.

Going into the 85th minute, Rickie Lambert headed the ball off the crossbar. Glen Johnson sprinted all the way from about 15 yards out, beat two Stoke defenders and the goalkeeper, dived head first and scored his first goal since 2012 knowing he was going to get kicked in the head. As Liverpool players celebrated around the bleeding Johnson, he received some staples in his head and finished out the game sealing a 1-0 Liverpool win. They don’t need to go out and get into situations that they need staples in their heads but if Liverpool can keep up this urgency and go that extra mile for a loose ball or a rebound, that can go a long way for the struggling Reds.

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