MARRAKECH, MOROCCO – DECEMBER 19: The FIFA President Joseph S Blatter talks to the media during a FIFA press conference at the Sofitel Marrekch on December 19, 2014 in Marrakech, Morocco. (Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

VIDEO: John Oliver takes down Sepp Blatter amid FIFA presidential election

John Oliver has dealt with FIFA in the past on his show, Last Week Tonight. About a year ago, he tackled the FIFA World Cup and displayed the conundrum we all face as soccer fans.

Now, he goes after Sepp Blatter as he is running for re-election for FIFA President. This comes after the ESPN E:60 special on Blatter by Jeremy Schapp which detailed Blatter’s rise to power within FIFA and how he used corruption to get what he wanted and will continue to get what he wants as long as he decides.

Oliver’s takedown of Blatter is obviously way more comical, but just as impactful and poignant. He quickly goes through Blatter’s “accomplishments” and various things he has said in the past like having female players wear shorter shorts to be more popular and granted the World Cup to Qatar considering their bribery, human rights record and the excessive heat.

Oliver also mentions how Blatter is so sure he’s going to be re-elected (he probably will), he is not going to campaign or debate the other candidates saying that his work speaks for itself. I can’t think of anything better than what Oliver had to say.

It’s no secret many soccer fans know who Sepp Blatter is and how he has led FIFA. I’m glad people like John Oliver are talking about him towards those who may not be soccer fans and maybe not know who he is. Hopefully by increasing awareness, not only will non soccer fans be as outraged as soccer fans about the direction Sepp Blatter has taken FIFA in but that non soccer fans can be fans and still think FIFA is a highly corrupt organization and Blatter is the most corrupt of them all.

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