VIDEO: Jozy Altidore Whiffs Surefire Game Winning Goal

Jozy Altidore is supremely talented, there’s no disputing that. Jozy Altidore is, however, a psychological head case. He’s not a head case in the Mario Balotelli or Luis Suarez sense but Altidore’s issue is that he is a very hot and cold player. When he is hot and on a goal scoring run, there’s hardly anyone on the field who is better. When he’s cold, like now, man is he bad.

For example, this was from today.

It has been over a year since Altidore scored in the EPL. He doesn’t get much playing time at Sunderland, but he got a rare start today. Botching a possible game winner like that certainly doesn’t help with getting more playing time. I know he’s hell bent on playing in England and the Premier League and I love to see American players play in the top worldwide leagues but Jozy Altidore needs to consider going somewhere else to play. While it would go against Jurgen Klinsmann’s wishes, MLS is a great alternative. If Altidore really wants to stay in Europe, he needs to go to a less prestigious league and get his confidence back because he’s doing no favors for himself staying at Sunderland.

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