VIDEO: Sergio Aguero Goes Down With Knee Injury

Sergio Aguero, the EPL goals leader, went down with an apparent knee injury within the first minute of the Manchester City/Everton game. If Aguero is out, this could have major implications in the EPL table. Aguero is responsible for just under 50% of Manchester City’s EPL goals and with Vincent Kompany out, Man City is now weaker on both ends of the field.

Seeing the replay, he definitely plants his leg in an awkward way that wasn’t good for his knee. It could be a variety of things. With that kind of extension and impact on a knee, it could be anything from a hyperextended knee to a torn ligament. Man City fans will be eagerly waiting for news as they come in.

In a related note, right before halftime, Yaya Toure also went down clutching his knee but he came back into the game.

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