LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 25: Didier Drogba (L) and Cesc Fabregas (R) of Chelsea celebrate with the Premier League and Capital One Cup trophies duing the Chelsea FC Premier League Victory Parade on May 25, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images)

VIDEO: This Jose Mourinho speech is like a roast on the other EPL teams

Jose Mourinho is known for having a very high opinion of himself. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing or that it’s not deserved but it’s very true. During Chelsea’s year end awards banquet, Mourinho gave a speech that was more of a roast as he made fun of his positional rivals.

First of all, looking at the set, it looks like Mourinho is about to announce the newest iPhone instead of talking about soccer.

Next, Mourinho talks about last season and how the team “wasn’t happy” about finishing 3rd in the League but still respected the winners saying they and the 2nd place team deserved to be in that position. They respected them even though they beat Manchester City and Liverpool, who finished 1st and 2nd respectively last year, both times that season.

After that, he goes into a “fictional” story about the tales of four teams. The first, a team in red (Manchester United or maybe Liverpool), plays without goals and plays with beautiful passing. And just because the team with the highest possession doesn’t win games, they couldn’t be champions.

The next team, a team in blue (Manchester City), played with one goal and played really well, scoring a lot of goals. Mourinho said that because they needed to play with two goals, they couldn’t be champions. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t quite get this joke. The premise is that Manchester City couldn’t defend and conceded goals. They only allowed 38 goals over the season, six more than Chelsea. They had their moments (Vincent Kompany) where the defense was highly suspect but the stats say otherwise.

The third team, another team in red (Arsenal), did everything right on the field but because they couldn’t play from January to April, Mourinho said that they couldn’t be champions either.

Finally, Mourinho gets to his own Chelsea team. Chelsea did everything right and they played to the rules knowing that the way to win and be champions was to score one more goal than the opposition. And for good measure, Mourinho brought the bus along and because of that bus, they won the Premier League.

I have said this before and I’ll say it again. I don’t like Chelsea’s style of play. It’s highly defensive, it’s boring and just simply ugly to watch but it’s effective and at the end of the day, Mourinho and Chelsea hoisted the EPL title. Something needs to be said about Mourinho’s style and how successful it is. Chelsea won the title with those tactics. Maybe instead of criticizing their tactics, maybe the other 19 teams need to look at themselves in the mirror and figure out how to beat Chelsea or else you’ll be seeing Chelsea win next year too.

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