VIDEOS: Tyne-Wear Derby Wrap-up: Newcastle’s Taylor Goes Face First Into Pole, Sunderland’s Johnson Scores Late Winner

The Tyne-Wear Derby is one of the more physical games of the year and this game was no different. Interestingly though, it wasn’t man vs. man that was the most physical confrontational moment of the day, it was man vs. pole.

Newcastle’s Steven Taylor, while saving a goal, went face first into the post. It proved to be a scary moment for him as he was laying on the field with a bloodied face.

In the end, Sunderland got the last laugh. After some nice passing in the box, Adam Johnson wound up with the game winner. Johnson really had all the time in the world and definitively crushed it home. This is Sunderland’s 4th straight Tyne-Wear Derby win and Newcastle’s Alan Pardew becomes the first Newcastle manager to lose four straight.

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