West Ham Defeats Man City, Hull Draws Liverpool: Is it a Trend?

Today in EPL action, we saw two big upsets as two small teams got results against the big teams. West Ham defeated Manchester City and Hull drew Liverpool at Anfield. While this should be seen as a big deal, should we really be all that shocked? We have seen more results like this and many more of the smaller teams seem to be getting more and more results against the historically big teams.

Except for Chelsea and arguably Southampton, every team in the EPL has had their share of struggles. Even West Ham, who currently sits 4th after today’s win, has had a few underwhelming performances this season. Chelsea is running away with 1st place but 2nd-18th is so tight. For example, an Everton win against Burnley tomorrow will move them up from 14th to potentially 8th in the table. 5th through 16th is currently separated by 5 points. This has made almost every game an exciting crapshoot. Fewer teams are going into a game knowing they have no chance at winning. We see upsets left and right and it’s giving every team hope that on any given day, a small team like Leicester can beat one of the big boys in the EPL. The quality of play as a whole has risen and we’re eventually going to see a time where more than just a few EPL teams have a shot at European competition.

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