What Does Your Team Need To Do To Advance in Champions League?

There is only one more game in this years UEFA Champions League group stage. The way Champions League is set up, every position is important and has perks for each position. 1st place teams in the group get to play against a second place team in the round of 16 and theoretically have an easier opponent. 2nd place teams get to advance. 3rd place teams get to go to the Europa League knockout stage. 4th place teams get some nice parting gifts. We break down exactly what each team needs to do to move up or retain their current positions in their group.


Matchday 6 schedule, Olympiacos vs. Malmo and Juventus vs. Atletico Madrid

1st Atletico Madrid – 12 points, +11 goal differential

– Clinched knockout stage spot

– To remain 1st, defeat/draw Juventus OR lose to Juventus by fewer than 8 goals

2nd Juventus – 9 points, +3 goal differential

– Clinched Europa League spot

– For 1st place, defeat Atletico Madrid by more than 8 goals

– To remain 2nd, defeat/draw Atletico by fewer than 8 goals OR lose to Atletico and Olympiacos defeats Malmo and has a net gain in goal differential of 8 compared to Juventus

3rd Olympiacos – 6 points, -5 goal differential

– For 2nd place, defeat Malmo and has a net gain in goal differential of 8 compared to Juventus

– To remain 3rd, defeat/draw Malmo and has a net gain in goal differential of fewer than 8 compared to Juventus

4th Malmo – 3 points, -9 goal differential

– For 3rd place, defeat Olympiacos



Matchday 6 schedule, Liverpool vs. Basel and Real Madrid vs. Ludogorets

1st Real Madrid – 15 points, +10 goal differential

– Clinched 1st place and knockout stage spot

2nd Basel – 6 points, -1 goal differential

– To remain 2nd, defeat/draw Liverpool

3rd Liverpool – 4 points, -2 goal differential

– For 2nd place, defeat Basel

– To remain 3rd, match Ludogorets’ result

4th Ludogorets – 4 points, -5 goal differential

– Eliminated from advancing to knockout stage

– For 3rd place, defeat Real Madrid and a Liverpool draw/loss OR draw Real Madrid and Liverpool loss



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