Which EPL Managers Are On the Hot Seat?

It’s been three months since EPL season started we’re around a third of the way into the season. We can now start to get a sense of what’s going to happen in the league. While some managers have been impressive, others have been rather dissapointing and really need to look over their shoulder because they could get replaced. Here are the managers who need to watch their backs or get sacked.

Harry Redknapp – Queens Park Rangers

QPR is currently in last place in the EPL and there have been rumors of Redknapp managing for his job in a few games. That seems to have settled down a little but if QPR remains in last place by Christmas, I expect a change to be made and that manager has the January window and the 2nd half of the season to turn things around.

Likeliness of replacement – 99%


Paul Lambert – Aston Villa

Aston Villa was in 2nd place at one point this season. Then they didn’t score a goal at all in October and they dropped down to 16th. Granted, after their win against Liverpool on September 13, they had to play Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Everton, QPR, Tottenham, West Ham and Southampton. It’s no wonder why they could only get two points after playing that schedule. Draws against West Ham and Southampton may have eased tension but pressure will be on Lambert to improve the team or it’ll be another season where Aston Villa just barely stays above relegation.

Likeliness of replacement – 60%


Nigel Pearson – Leicester City

After Leicester City’s wild 5-3 win against Manchester United on September 21, Leicester City have gone on a seven game winless streak. On top of that, Leicester hasn’t scored a goal since their 2-2 draw against Burnley on October 4. They’re getting close to two months without a goal scored. That has to put Nigel Pearson on the hot seat. They’re still sitting 18th and are within distance of the mid table so it’s not all bad but Leicester City needs to pick up on their lack of scoring.

Likeliness of replacement – 50%


Sean Dyche – Burnley

Sean Dyche was sitting and burning on the hot seat but he’s kind of gotten off of it in the past few weeks. As a team who went winless in their first 10 games, they won their last two games, including an away win against Stoke. Because of this, they have now caught up to the rest of the table and even though they’re 19th in the table, they are three points back of 13th. If Burnley keeps up this run or even just become a little more consistent, Dyche should be able to keep his job.

Likeliness of replacement – 40%



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