Will Liverpool Defeat Chelsea?

I’ll admit it, I’m horrible at making predictions. I’m usually wrong, like everyone else, so I decided that I’m passing the buck and letting FIFA 15 decide. We put both teams on the field, let it go to computer vs. computer and we see what happens. Let’s see if FIFA is as accurate as it seems to be. We’ll do this for the top matchup every week. This week, we’re covering Liverpool vs. Chelsea which is this Saturday morning at 7:30.

Last week, we previewed the Manchester Derby and it was 100% right in terms of score and winner. Manchester City won 1-0 in both the game and in real life so it’s clear this is working. Let’s get to the game

The first thing I will say is that I do have to apologize that there is no video from the game. Unfortunately, the video didn’t correctly render to YouTube and the footage was lost. All in all, the game wasn’t really worth watching anyway. Diego Costa (who probably isn’t playing) scored in the 5th minute, Steven Gerrard got a yellow card in the 43rd minute, Mario Balotelli kept sailing shots into the top rows of the Kop and the game ended with a Chelsea 1-0 victory. Now while all of this seems incredibly realistic, I’m not 100% convinced. I’m not doubting the victor but I am doubting the score. Maybe FIFA believes Liverpool will do something like they did against Real Madrid and keep it close but this could easily get away from the home team.

Main takeaways from the preview

1. After the results of the past two weeks, may want to bet on this result.

2. After Chelsea dominated the first 20 minutes, Liverpool brought it and retained 49% possession.

3. Steven Gerrard didn’t slip once, even though it was raining.

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