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Carli Lloyd scores a hat trick (sound familiar?) as the USWNT defeat Haiti 5-0

It wasn’t the greatest performance and it was probably a little less scoring than many expected but the USWNT still pulled out a 4-0 win over Haiti in Detroit, Michigan primarily thanks to a Carli Lloyd hat trick. This is Lloyd’s fourth hat trick as a USWNT player and second hat trick of the year. Her first being the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final.

Haiti came in to play with only about a week or so notice. Australia was supposed to play the USWNT in Detroit and Birmingham, Alabama but the players, both men and women, are on strike in hopes of being better compensated and have better conditions when they play for the Australian National Team. So needing a last minute replacement, U.S. Soccer was able to get Haiti on short notice.

It’s tough to learn anything from games like these because of the vast talent difference but Carli Lloyd was obviously super as she scored her hat trick. She didn’t score a similar goal to the midfield shot from the Women’s World Cup but I loved the height she got when she picked up the hat trick. Seemed like she was taking off like a rocket and wasn’t coming down.

Another player I want to recognize is the newest player on the team, Crystal Dunn. Dunn wasn’t a part of the Women’s World Cup team but has already made an impact in her first game on the Victory Tour. Dunn got assists on the first two USWNT goals and right as the game was about to end, she flicked a header to score her first USWNT goal as the game was ending.

Maybe it was because she was playing against Haiti, but Crystal Dunn impressed me. This is the first time I got to see her play but it seemed like she was able to instinctively put herself in the perfect attacking position as well as cross a ball with the pinpoint accuracy that reminded me of Megan Rapinoe. The 23 year old may have missed out on the Women’s World Cup but she is making a serious case to be on the squad for the Olympics next year.

The USWNT’s next game will once again be against Haiti in Birmingham on Sunday. Expect more of the same. I will say this about Haiti, they didn’t let the scoring get too out of control and the 5-0 result actually tied for their best result against the USWNT. Maybe USWNT fans will expect fewer goals before Sunday’s game than before tonight’s game.

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