NASHVILLE, TN – JULY 03: A ball bounces off a fan in the crowd during the first half of an international friendly match between U.S.A and Guatemala at Nissan Stadium on July 3, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

Nissan Stadium’s Facilities Leave Many USMNT Fans Furious

One consequence of having a record crowd of 44,835 people pack a stadium is the need to have a clear strategy of getting people into the stadium and having enough workers to keep the various lines moving. Apparently Nissan Stadium, the home for the USMNT’s 4-0 win against Guatemala, failed at doing that and people voiced their frustrations on Twitter.

Thanks to @EmptySeatsPics, as they retweeted some of the frustrations.

This is bad. This stadium hosts NFL games that hold crowds of almost 70,000 people so it’s clear that they can effectively operate big crowds. I don’t know if those in charge of the Nissan Stadium facility staff underestimated the size of a USMNT crowd or what but if that’s the case, someone should have at least talked to someone in the ticketing department and figure out that almost 45,000 tickets were sold, maybe they needed to have a more appropriate number of people working the game.

Unfortunately, it’s the employees at the stadium who are going to get yelled at the most (other than on social media). I totally understand why fans are upset and are going to voice their frustrations toward the nearest employee they see. The problem is, that person running the concession stand or running the bag check area doesn’t deserve to be the recipient of people’s anger because 1) they’re just following orders and there’s nothing they can do about it and 2) they don’t make nearly enough money to deserve to be yelled at for something they can’t control and can’t fix, trust me. That anger should be directed to their bosses and their bosses bosses because something clearly messed up on their end. It’s clear, with 44,835 people, US Soccer will someday be back in Nashville. Hopefully those in charge at Nissan Stadium realized tonight that Nashville is a soccer city and they’ll be better prepared next time.

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