Chronicling the best soccer moments of Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 is in the books and while it was the big time of the year for the American kind of football, soccer had a little bit of interaction with the big game. From commercials to tweets, the Super Bowl is more than just for football fans.


Neymar’s Taco Bell Super Bowl ad

Taco Bell launched their new creation, the quesalupa. And amid all of the famous people in that commercial, the one who could arguably be most famous worldwide was Neymar. Neymar chimed in on the football/futbol debate and while we pretty much have to call it soccer, we’ll give Neymar some credit here.

After the commercial, Howler said what we all were thinking.


 Abby Wambach’s Mini Super Bowl ad

The Mini Clubman was the subject of their Super Bowl ad and it consisted of defying labels. Much like the labels that are sometimes given to Mini cars, the people in the commercial had to defy labels of their own. Abby Wambach had to defy her own label of not only being a female athlete but a gay female athlete that she encountered in her soccer career.    


Sporting KC secondary kit launch Super Bowl ad

Recruiting Tech N9ne to narrate, Sporting KC launched their secondary (away) kit for a local Kansas City ad during halftime. Sporting not only just launched a kit but they incorporated most of Kansas City in their reveal and used it as a chance to possibly gain some new fans in the area.    


Some teams took to Twitter to either talk about the game or because some of their players or coaches were supporting one of the teams.

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