Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic really coming to MLS next year?

The hot rumor Monday afternoon, other than the latest Jurgen Klopp to Liverpool rumors, was that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is thinking of coming to the United States to play in MLS for Orlando City next summer. The question on everybody’s mind is, is Zlatan really coming to MLS next year?

Well, for one thing, we have to figure out of Zlatan even wants to play in MLS. According to, it appears that Zlatan finds America “interesting” and “would like to play in the U.S.” at some point in his career. It could also just be talk from someone being asked a simple question as well to not make anyone upset, but after seeing others make the move to MLS, it’s certainly an intriguing move for Zlatan to be in MLS.

Also, coming at this from the other side, does Orlando City want Zlatan? It all appears that they would. This is a team that signed Kaka and are willing to “break the bank” for the right player. Zlatan will fit a strategic need on the field as well as be a terrific draw for attendance along with Kaka.

I had always thought Zlatan would eventually come to MLS but I didn’t think he would be coming this soon. I had always thought that Zlatan would spend another couple years in Europe but if he did all he could at PSG and doesn’t want to play for them anymore, why not come to MLS. The other thing to keep in mind too is that Zlatan just turned 34. Even Zlatan will fall victim to just being too old to play and will be a shell of his former self. He can try to get as much European playing time as possible before coming over or he can come on over to MLS next season and have a better chance of a quality season. I don’t know if I can see Zlatan playing in MLS next season but I can see him playing in MLS at some point. And while I personally feel that MLS should maybe get younger DP’s like Sebastian Giovinco, who can be huge in the prime of their careers instead of world famous players far past their prime, getting older big name European players may be what Orlando (and Zlatan) need next year.

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