The 10 Best Manchester City Players Ever

8. David Silva

David Silva is one of those guys who is instrumental behind the scenes and isn’t really interested in the spotlight. Every team needs a David Silva if they want to see success and he’s an integral part of Man City’s recent success.


7. Joe Corrigan

Joe Corrigan played the vast majority of his career at Man City. The goalkeeper came into the team when City was seeing domestic and European success in the 60’s and 70’s. Corrigan won 2 League Cup titles and the UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1970.


6. Naill Quinn

Naill Quinn was a part of Man City in the early 90’s. The striker amassed 66 goals with City but it was a save that may have been his best moment. In the video below, Quinn went in goal to handle a PK and saved it. I don’t know if it’s ever happened that someone scores a goal and makes a PK save in the same game but it has to be extremely rare.


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