The 10 Best Manchester City Players Ever

10. Mick McCarthy

Do I honestly think Mick McCarthy is the 10th best Man City player ever? No, not even close. I do, however, put him on the list because every time I get a chance to talk about Mick McCarthy, I show this.

Oh Mick, look at him. The man just exudes pure, unadulterated sex for the ladies and the guys. He is the myth and the legend. Oh and here’s part 2 of Mick’s Careless Whisper.


9. Carlos Tevez

Alright, onto the actual list. Carlos Tevez had a rather Jekyll and Hyde experience at Manchester City. Things were either very great or very horrible in the relationship between he and the team. Sometimes, it happened at the same time. After sitting out and wanting a transfer, Tevez was dropped from the first team but came back in early 2012. After being trashed by City fans, he earned his first team spot and some praise from City fans as he provided pivotal goals and assists as City won the EPL title in 2012.


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