Why isn’t there a consistent challenger to Chelsea this year?

Ever since Chelsea went on their incredible winning streak, several teams have challenged them for the top of the table. First, it was Manchester City. After they fell away, it was Arsenal. Next, it was Liverpool. Now, Tottenham seem the most likely candidates. This could ultimately change should Liverpool snag points off of Spurs this […]

Will Manchester City finish in the top four?

With the new TV rights, which bring impressive amount of money into the club accounts, specially to Premier League clubs, the English championship have become the main attraction for every football fan. The Premier League is considered by many the most balanced championship and perhaps also the strongest, where the difference between the first and […]

Is Pep Guardiola right in conceding the Premier League for Manchester City?

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has admitted that his team are out of the Premier League title race following their heavy 4-0 loss to Everton over the weekend. This loss leaves them 10 points behind league leaders Chelsea, and outside of the top four. With 17 games left in the season, catching up to Chelsea […]

Five predictions for the rest of 2016/17 Premier League season

This Premier League season has already been a bit crazy. With Chelsea going on a 13-game win streak, teams looking like title favorites, only to fall away, and teams that we expected to challenge for Europe (Leicester and West Ham) fighting to avoid relegation. Only a madman would try to predict how the rest of […]

Can Tottenham derail the Chelsea surge?

Chelsea have won 13 games on the bounce, which is incredible on its own. Tied with the Arsenal “Invincibles,” Chelsea can break a record for most consecutive wins in the Premier League era with a win against Tottenham. With Liverpool dropping points against Sunderland and Manchester City dropping points against Liverpool, Chelsea have a sizable lead over […]

Should David Silva’s actions negated Manchester City’s second goal on Arsenal?

Raheem Sterling’s goal in the 71st minute got Manchester City three vital points in a 2-1 win against Arsenal. The legitimacy of this goal has been questioned over and over again this week, and, though it was declared onside during the game as well as in review, the debate still rages on. Check it out below: So, […]

Is parking the bus the best way to take on Liverpool?

This past weekend, Liverpool dominated Southampton. With 65% of the possession and 15 total shots, Liverpool pressed against Southampton in a way that lead former Bayern Munich midfielder Pierre-Emile Højbjerg to declare that Liverpool was the best he has ever faced. And yet, despite all of that, the score ended 0-0 and the two teams […]

Is a win against Arsenal essential for Manchester United?

Manchester United’s fortunes have swung wildly this season. At the beginning of the season, it looked like they would be among those challenging for the title. That collapsed a bit after their form turned sour following their defeat to Manchester United. Then things began to stabilize before destabilizing once again. Now, they sit in 6th […]

Is Swansea doomed to relegation?

It is fair to say that Swansea are on a really, really bad run of form right now. In several games, they’ve played fine, but ultimately capitulated in a painful display of bad luck and motivational issues. While they may not be playing as bad as Sunderland right now, they are tied on points and […]

What’s the deal with Chelsea’s run of form lately?

Chelsea have made an explosive return to form in recent weeks after an indifferent start to life under Antonio Conte. Since the beginning of October, Chelsea haven’t allowed a goal in the league, while scoring 16. What could possibly have turned them around so dramatically? Could it be the teams that they have played in this […]

Are international breaks good for anyone?

We have finally moved past the international breaks for at least a few weeks. Let us rejoice for the time being. In all seriousness, with club soccer starting back up, we have to ask: Does the international break benefit anyone in club soccer? For teams doing well, you could argue that it gives them a […]

The key factors for victory in Liverpool-Manchester United

Today’s Liverpool-Manchester derby is not only a big game, in comparison to most games in the league. It is a huge game for two giants of English soccer. A win is vital for both team, especially in terms of the media narrative that will follow the game. Looking ahead to the derby, what are the […]

Liverpool vs. Manchester United: A narrative maker

The upcoming Liverpool-Manchester United derby match is big this year. Way bigger than previous years. Why is that? This match comes at the perfect time to create a narrative for both teams. We are seven games into the season now. After this match, we will be 21% of the way through the season. We’re right […]

Are Stoke shock relegation contenders this year?

After five games, Stoke sit in last place. They have been unfathomably bad in their matches thus far and have a goal differential of -11. Worst of all, some of the opponents they have gone up against are ones they should have beaten. The points dropped against the likes of Middlesbrough, Crystal Palace, and Hull […]

Is it time for Liverpool to be taken seriously in the Premier League?

This Premier League season has been filled with drama and excitement already. One team that has had the most impressive start of the season is Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. Many have said that this year is a bit too soon for them, that they simply don’t have the fire power and defensive steel to compete with […]