Is MLS in danger of having its own hooligan problem?

Hooliganism was a plague upon English soccer for the better part of three decades, and while forms of the disease persist around the rest of continental Europe and South America, the thought of such a thing happening on United States soil seems preposterous. However, after another round of incidents between fans of NYCFC and New […]

Banter: Red Bulls troll NYCFC on Twitter before Derby

When MLS announced NYCFC as an expansion team, the league was hoping to create a derby between NYCFC and the New York Red Bulls. They don’t play their first regular season game against each other until this Sunday (Mother’s Day) but the Red Bulls are trying to plant the seeds for a can’t miss Derby […]

Best and worst MLS kits for the 2015 season

Every year, every team in MLS unveils one or two new kits. We at 32 Flags are here to rank each kit, both home and away and determine where each team ranks overall in their kit designs. Some of these kits, we agreed with how they looked while some others, we highly disagreed. Hopefully, with […]

New York Red Bulls are for sale

The New York Red Bulls are for sale, at least according to eBay. As of now, the current bid is at $41.00 so this is a real bargain if you ever wanted to “own” an MLS team. No, this obvious joke was done as a likely response to the Red Bulls offseason. It started by […]

What Do You Need To Know About The MLS Cup Playoffs?

The international break is over and we’re back onto club soccer for the rest of the year. Amid the great games in Europe in which we will be watching, MLS is entering into the first leg of the Conference Finals this weekend. The second legs will be played next weekend. MLS is halfway into the […]