Are Stoke shock relegation contenders this year?

After five games, Stoke sit in last place. They have been unfathomably bad in their matches thus far and have a goal differential of -11. Worst of all, some of the opponents they have gone up against are ones they should have beaten. The points dropped against the likes of Middlesbrough, Crystal Palace, and Hull […]

The relegation race: Who’s staying and who’s dropping

With the exception of Aston Villa, whose own miserable campaign has finally been put to bed with mathematical relegation, the race to survive the relegation is surprisingly open. The three teams vying to escape the remaining two relegation spots are all within three points of each other. The lead held by Norwich is even smaller […]

Premier League Relegation Wrap-Up

Now that the Premier League season is officially at its end, we must, once again, say adieu to three friends whom we have gotten to know throughout the year. Some we have loved, some we have disdained, but all we will sorely miss for many reasons. The three clubs going back to the Championship this […]

Today’s (Cynical) Premier League Relegation Battle

The Relegation Battle You know that seventh season episode of The Simpsons with George Bush (the first of the Bush dynasty)? The big gag of the episode is when Bush unfurls a banner where he drew pictures of Bart and Homer with text that reads “Two Bad Neighbors.” But nobody can understand what Bush is trying to say; his drawings of […]

EPL Relegation Battle: Strength of schedule numbers

Same as it ever was, the most exciting thing to come out of the EPL’s final few weeks will be the relegation battle. Chelsea have long-since clinched the title, and the top four race has seen plucky little Southampton drop out in favor of the usual suspects. The EPL relegation battle, however, is going to […]

VIDEO: The craziest two minutes in the EPL relegation race so far

Burnley and Leicester City faced off in a game likely to be the climax of the relegation race. Whoever won this game wouldn’t be guaranteed a safe spot in the EPL but they would have a stronger foundation to stay. The loser wouldn’t be guaranteed relegation either but they would be all but going down. […]

Who is going to get relegated out of the EPL?

With only eight games left in the EPL season (well Leicester City has nine but that extra game is against chelsea so may as well say eight), it’s coming down to the wire in terms of who will get relegated to the Championship next season. The bottom three EPL teams relegate and if history is […]

EPL Relegation Battle: Who’ll Beat the Drop?

Currently, we have one of the tightest races from relegation in a long time. There are no less than seven, possibly even as high as nine, teams that currently might not escape the drop. With ten games to go, we can start to look at who are the most likely candidates for relegation this season. […]