The 10 Best Liverpool Players Ever

I’m kind of surprised one of these don’t exist yet. Liverpool is one of those clubs where it is very difficult, near impossible, to make a list of greatest players that won’t be disputed somewhere. “Well, what about [insert player here]?” will undoubtedly but uttered a few times. A club with such a long history and so much success will often have that problem. But it’s a good problem to have. So, who made the cut? Well, first up is:

10. Jamie Carragher

The beloved defender, amongst Liverpool fans, was always something of a ‘blood and thunder’ style tackler. One who was capable of breaking your leg off with one of his challenges. What lands him on this list was how he changed his style of play when Brendan Rodgers took over the club to accommodate the style the manager was trying to play. He proved you can teach an old dog new tricks.

9. Ian Callaghan

The most capped player in Liverpool history, and a stalwart in Bill Shankly’s side that climbed out of the Second Division and into the history books. This right-winger scored 50 goals for Liverpool in his incredible 857 matches for the club and helped lead the club to an era of success few other teams could match.

8. Graham Souness

Souness often gets overlooked by some Liverpool fans because of his disastrous managerial stint after Kenny Dalglish, but as a player he was unstoppable. He was the driving force that every midfield needs and most lack. Capable of both hard-hitting tackles, incisive through balls and the occasional goal, this Liverpool captain set the mold for the all-action midfielder.

7. Billy Liddell

A player so influential to his team that Liverpool was known as Liddellpool. Simply a majestic winger who scored 216 goals in his nearly 500 game career at Liverpool. He was the winger that every player who plied their trade on the Anfield flank is measured against when they arrive through the Shankly Gates.



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