Chelsea and Arsenal set for Premier League clash Saturday

League-leading Chelsea entertain Arsenal (7:30 a.m. ET, NBC Sports Network) Saturday with a chance to create even more separation at the top of the league table. Of course, Arsenal doesn’t see it that way. The Gunners will be hoping to reel in the front-running Blues a bit with a win at Stamford Bridge. Table watch: […]

Should Gareth Southgate get the England job?

Gareth Southgate has now equaled Sam Allardyce’s incredible record as England manager with a convincing win over Malta. With two solid goals, which could have been even more if not for Malta’s goalkeeper, and the lion’s share of the control of the game, the questions are starting early. Should Gareth Southgate take charge of England full-time? […]

Does Arsenal’s win over Chelsea get Arsene Wenger off the hot seat?

It’s funny how quickly 90 minutes can change a narrative for a club and its manager. Yet the story lines around Arsenal and Arsene Wenger could not be more different after a resounding 3-0 win against Chelsea on Saturday. Before the match, the win around the Gunners and its manager of almost two decades was […]

Let’s put the Arsene Wenger era into perspective

Following a Premier League season that will be remembered for it’s remarkable twists, turns, and surprises perhaps the most remarkable thing of all is that the most polarizing question heading into the summer is whether or not the manager who led his team to a second place finish should return next season. This season was […]

The argument for Arsenal to keep Arsene Wenger

There is a sense of division among Arsenal fans regarding the direction of the team. Some are comfortable with that direction, others are not and one big name feeling that wrath is longtime Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. That was shown this past weekend against Norwich where there were protests against Wenger, protests supporting Wenger and […]

The argument for Arsenal to sack Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger is the longest serving manager in the Premier League. His tenure at Arsenal has seen a sustained level of success and quality of play that is only rivaled by Bob Paisley or Alex Ferguson. So why are Arsenal fans ready to end the Frenchman’s twenty-year stay at the London club? More importantly, why […]

PIC: Can somebody explain to me what Arsene Wenger drew?

Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger is apparently not letting the pressure of having to beat Olympiakos in the UEFA Champions League get to him. Today, Wenger is at risk of missing out on the Champions League knockout stage for the first time in 16 consecutive years as Arsenal manager. During his prematch press conference, Wenger escaped for […]

Petr Cech’s flop shows Arsenal may have chosen wrong goalkeeper

We’ve all heard a coach say, “we’re just one player away.” It’s a reference to making just one change at one spot to help a team reach the next level. After winning the FA Cup and making it to the Champions League places, Arsenal found itself wanting to upgrade the goalkeeper position. In came Chelsea […]

If you’re an Arsenal fan, root for Barcelona to win Champions League Final

Exactly what the title says, if you’re an Arsenal fan, root for Barcelona to defeat Juventus in the Champions League Final. This is because of a clause in Thomas Vermaelen’s transfer deal with Barcelona. The defender went to Barcelona and in addition to the £15 million transfer fee, Arsenal insisted a clause be put in […]

Arsene Wenger

VIDEO: Arsene Wenger AGAIN has issues with jacket zipper

Arsene Wenger and jacket zippers. That is a rivalry that has stood the test of time for many years. We have chronicled Wenger’s history with his jacket. Today, it was the jacket who won over the Arsenal manager as it has many times before. The beauty of this entire video is that it’s very clear […]

VIDEO: “Arsene Wenger” Parodies Frozen’s Let It Go”

Arsene Wenger, or actually the people at Gunnerblog, came up with a pretty hilarious parody of the song “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen. In this, Wenger exclaims what he’s probably actually thinking but can’t say for obvious reasons. I can’t really expand upon what is said in the video, just watch it because […]

Which EPL Managers Are On the Hot Seat?

It’s been three months since EPL season started we’re around a third of the way into the season. We can now start to get a sense of what’s going to happen in the league. While some managers have been impressive, others have been rather dissapointing and really need to look over their shoulder because they […]

VIDEO: Puma Making a New Puffy Jacket For Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger and that oversized puffy jacket he wears during cold games go together like peanut butter and jelly. Over the years, Wenger has had some issues with his jacket. Like this: Or this: Or this: Or this: Thankfully, the folks at Puma have come up with a solution to Arsene’s zipper troubles. Sounds like […]