Ranking the competitiveness of the “big five” European leagues

As the European club season enters its climax, every game in every league can make all the difference. For some teams, the last few months can determine the fate of a title race, or the fight to avoid relegation. In some leagues, these races are closer than others. Some teams may have already wrapped up […]

Some of Europe’s top leagues providing plenty of early season surprises

Everyone will be talking about Leicester’s run to the premier league title for a long time. It was a genuine shock and remarkable accomplishment. With so much cynicism around the world these days with the big clubs just winning consistently every year it’s nice to see a few reminders that in sports, anything can happen. […]

After 101 years, Lazio may become 1915 Serie A champions

Despite it taking place 101 years ago, Lazio may finally get to celebrate the 1914-15 league title the team and fans felt was deserved over a century ago. 30,000 Lazio fans signed a petition for the Italian Football Federation to review the 1914-15 season and decide whether or not Lazio should win their third Serie A/Italian […]

Oh you beauty!: Goals of the week 8/31/2015

5. Alvaro Negredo vs Monaco This is a magnificent chip from the Spaniard. Usually, a chipped goal will be when the player is through on a break away and the keeper has come a little too far out. In this case, Negredo is under pressure from the defense and the keeper is well positioned in […]

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 8/25/2015

5. Luis Suarez vs Athletic Bilbao The fact that this Luis Suarez goal is at number 5 this week shows how stacked on beautiful goals we are. Alba gives a beautiful cross into Suarez. Luis takes it right out of the air and first-times it right past the keeper. 4. Lassana Diarra vs Troyes What […]

Debt ridden Parma is selling trophies to make ends meet

Parma has had money problems for a while now and as they’re over $200 million in debt, they were automatically relegated from Serie A to Serie D this year. They had to change their name from Parma to Parma Calcio 1913. Now it’s getting even worse and Parma has resorted to selling their history to try to […]

32 Flags’ Preseason Survival Guide

Now that preseason has begun for many of our favorite teams, it is time once again to begin getting excited for the new season. That said, there is always a danger lurking in preseason. Most sports have a preseason, but many who are new to our beautiful game will find it oddly different. It’s a […]

Will Serie A start their 2015-16 season abroad?

Plenty of European teams go outside the continent for their preseason summer friendlies. Now it looks like Italy’s Serie A could be the first pro soccer league to have regular season league games in other countries. Napoli’s president Aurelio De Laurentiis revealed the plan on a local radio show in Italy. He revealed that “New […]

PHOTOS: AC Milan fans boycott Cagliari match

AC Milan were once the darlings of European soccer and considered one of the biggest brands in the Italian game. A ownership change hasn’t fared well though, and it’s resulted in the Red and Black side of the San Siro falling on some hard times. The club is currently sitting eighth in the Serie A […]

BREAKING: Serie A’s Parma suspends operations due to bankruptcy

Some sad news today, many reports say Serie A team Parma has suspended operations due to being bankrupt. Parma’s games that they can’t play in will automatically be forfeited and their opponents will receive 3-0 wins. It was reported at first that the team would be dissolved and while that’s still a possibility, it’s not […]