Is MLS in danger of having its own hooligan problem?

Hooliganism was a plague upon English soccer for the better part of three decades, and while forms of the disease persist around the rest of continental Europe and South America, the thought of such a thing happening on United States soil seems preposterous. However, after another round of incidents between fans of NYCFC and New […]

Banter: Red Bulls troll NYCFC on Twitter before Derby

When MLS announced NYCFC as an expansion team, the league was hoping to create a derby between NYCFC and the New York Red Bulls. They don’t play their first regular season game against each other until this Sunday (Mother’s Day) but the Red Bulls are trying to plant the seeds for a can’t miss Derby […]

The strangeness of watching soccer at Yankee Stadium

This past Saturday, I was in Yankee Stadium for NYCFC’s game against Sporting Kansas City. This was their second home game and well, let’s just say it’s going to take some time for the newer fans to adapt to the game. Before getting into last Saturday’s game, let’s talk about Yankee Stadium in general. Many […]

VIDEO: David Villa’s first MLS goal, first NYCFC goal at Yankee Stadium

David Villa had a couple chances to take the lead for NYCFC but New England Revolution’s Bobby Shuttleworth kept denying him. Then in the 20th minute, he finally got through the defense and through Shuttleworth to score his first MLS goal and the first NYCFC goal at Yankee Stadium. After the goal was scored, New […]

VIDEO: KAKA saves 10 man Orlando City late with deflected free kick goal

When things all looked lost. When NYCFC scored to take the lead. When Aurelien Collin got his straight red on David Villa, it all looked lost for the 62,510 people at the Citrus Bowl. That was until Kaka took things upon himself to gather the equalizer for Orlando City. The free kick was deflected in, […]

Best and worst MLS kits for the 2015 season

Every year, every team in MLS unveils one or two new kits. We at 32 Flags are here to rank each kit, both home and away and determine where each team ranks overall in their kit designs. Some of these kits, we agreed with how they looked while some others, we highly disagreed. Hopefully, with […]

NYCFC supporters group has some insane demands for membership

Being a member of a supporters group is supposed to be an organic and fun experience, it is not supposed to feel like you’re applying for a second job or trying to get into a country club. One such supporters group has gone for the latter and is trying to suck the fun out of […]

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard releases statement between Manchester City/NYCFC

Frank Lampard released a statement concerning his situation with NYCFC, Manchester City and MLS. Much has been said about this situation and we have talked about this as well. There has been so much said and many different interpretations of stories about what is the truth and Lampard is doing what he can to set […]

Frank Lampard

Who’s to blame for the Frank Lampard/Man City/NYCFC situation?

It was just a little under six months ago that Frank Lampard signed a deal to play for New York City FC in MLS and become the new face of their expansion MLS team. Along with David Villa, they would be the two big names to lead the team to their debut in March. Because […]

Mix Diskerud

Mix Diskerud tweets incomprehensible thoughts on Frank Lampard

Current #10 of the US Men’s National Team, Mix Diskerud, tweeted his thoughts on the Frank Lampard/Manchester City/NYCFC situation. Who's got enough loose balls – to critizice either MLS or theme(s) by any New York's Frankie boy, -before having seen the contract(s)? — Mix Diskerud (@MixDiskerud)