Oh you beauty!: Goals of the week 8/31/2015

5. Alvaro Negredo vs Monaco This is a magnificent chip from the Spaniard. Usually, a chipped goal will be when the player is through on a break away and the keeper has come a little too far out. In this case, Negredo is under pressure from the defense and the keeper is well positioned in […]

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 8/18/2015

5. Arturo Vidal vs SG Dynamo Dresden Sorry for the poor quality video, but this goal needed to make it on the list. Vidal’s chip here can only be described as ‘cheeky’. Well, I guess you could also call it magnificent. Vidal does well to make a run that leaves him completely open, but his […]

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 8/11/2015

5. Andre-Pierre Gignac vs Gaudalajara I’m not going to lie. There was some bad defending in the lead up to this goal. Gignac is ale to nutmeg the defender with ease. All that’s left is a simple tap-in for a goal. Quality dribbling and a cool finish that is slightly lessened by the poor defending. […]

Oh You Beauty!: Best Goals of the Week 5/18/2015

This best goals of this week come to us mostly from the Premier League. With Southampton shipping six past a weak Aston Villa and Liverpool being shocked by a determined Crystal Palace, there were plenty of quality goals to choose from. 5. Danny Rose vs Hull City This goal is all about the chipped assist. […]

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 5/11/2015

5. David Silva vs QPR This goal is all about that backheel from Wilfred Bony. Bony has a great positional awareness, and is able to find David Silva happily obliges. His one touch takes him a little too far, where I thought the keeper would cut out the angle, but Silva does really well to […]

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 5/5/2015

5. Philippe Coutinho vs QPR Coutinho just can’t stop scoring nice goals. It’s almost like he’s allergic to easy ones. Coutinho receives the ball from a well-weighted pass from Rickie Lambert and curls it into the net. 4. Alexis Sanchez vs Hull The fact that it takes a slight deflection doesn’t matter too much, since […]

Oh You Beauty!: SUPERSIZED Goals of the Week 4/27/2015

My god, there were some crazy goals this past week. Looking at the fact that I genuinely couldn’t pick between only five goals of the week, let alone order them, this week we’ll be looking at seven (7) goals. Not only that, they’re all the best goal of the week. Yay! Everybody is a winner! […]

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 4/20/2015

5. Leroy Sane vs Wolfsburg The move is started off with a great run from Leroy Sane, who bursts into the Wolfsburg half in a lightning paced counterattack. I’m not quite sure if the moves he pulls to beat the three defenders was on purpose or accidental but it looked pretty all the same. Quality […]

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 4/14/2015

5. Chory Castro vs Deportivo What a beautiful volleyed goal. The precision on the pass to find Castro on the wing was excellent but most defenses would have expected Castro to cross the ball. Instead, Chory Castro opts for the spectacular, smacking the ball first time in the air, rocketing it into the net. 4. […]

Oh You Beauty: Goals of the Week 4/6/2015 SUPER SIZED EDITION!!!

For our “Oh You Beauty” articles, we typically do a top five but this week was a little different. This week, we had at least five goals that could contend for goal of the season much less goal of the week. So for this week, we’re expanding “Oh You Beauty” to a top 10 because […]

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 3/23/2015

5. Luis Suarez vs Real Madrid The winning goal of El Clasico. The biggest reason it is on here was the wonderful assist that put Suarez through on goal. This Barcelona squad is finally clicking. It’s a terrifying prospect for anyone who has to play them. 4. Eden Hazard vs Hull An absolute cracker of […]

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 3/17/2015

5. Thomas Muller vs Werder Bremen You can’t give Muller a second chance to get a goal. He’ll get it every time. The first attempt was set up by a wonderful volleyed through ball, but well stopped by the keeper. It almost looks like the attack is over when the ball is cleared to a […]

Oh You Beauty!: Midweek Goals of 3/5/2015

5. Ki Sung-Yeung vs Tottenham Your browser does not support iframes. Whether this goal from Ki is down to dumb luck, bad defending, or silky skills, it’s a fine goal. The angle that the shot is taken from is slim at best but Ki is still able to slot it into the net. 4. Jordan […]

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week of 3/2/2015

5. Luis Muriel vs Atalanta Luis Muriel is one of those players that is always looked at through the lens of potential. Much like Mario Balotelli, Antonio Cassano, or Alexandre Pato, the conversation usually turns towards what could have been or what still may be. This goal gives a glimpse of the immense talent Muriel […]

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 2/23/2015

5. Marwin Hitz vs Leverkusen A goalie goal is a rare and beautiful thing. Like a unicorn or a unhate-able Kardashian. In this case, Marwin Hitz the ball (sorry, that pun needed to happen) to level the game in the dying minutes. 4. Badetimbi Gomis (via Jonjo Shelvey) vs Manchester United This goal might have […]